Shot Breakdown

1. “Crazy clock”

I created this shot for my demo reel. The clock is a still image that has been modified in Photoshop
CS3 in order to animate the hands. The animation is done in Shake 4 and the particle animation is
done in Combustion 4.

2.“Art of War 2”

This shot I tracked and match-moved with the camera and rotoshaped out the actor. I also composited
3 other shots to the background image.

3. “Two Pyramids’ Mooning”

I created this shot for my demo reel. I filmed the clouds from my balcony and retimed them in Shake,
then composited them with “lumakey” and “keymix”. The pyramids and the moon are still images from
the internet that have been modified and color corrected.

4. “Blowdown” series “SELLAFIELD”

I created this shot for the National Geographic channel. I designed gauges and pop-up windows and I
also created 2D animation using still images (maps, gauges and clouds) with Camera shake.

5. “Running Around”
I created this shot for my demo reel. I filmed and rotoshaped.

6. “Bird Co Media”

6-1. Debate shot
I designed the ticker and its animation and also keyed.

6-2. Wire Removal.
I removed the wire which attaches to the bird’s legs.

6-3. Birds with banners.
I composited together CG images (the banners) and the raw footage

6-4. Newspaper Montages.
I designed the newspaper images with Illustator CS3 and PhotoShop. I then created 2D animation with

These clips are all done by myself - EJ(Eun Jung) Kim.

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